No school = boring = School

Hey *waves*
OMG I have no class today and the next day YAY!
since everyone have school now I have no one to talk to ;A;
So I decided to write a blog yey *claps*

so boring even without school

So why not update what I've been doing for a while? :3


I have been singing a lot cuz of bdays D: CURSE YOU JUNE BABIES no i love you guys So that's Kimi no taion for kurin [EVERYONE WAS GREAT in moaning], Renai circulation for kuma-chan [OMG THIS WAS JLSKAJSLKA] and Ninjin loves you for Kiki :3
Yey~ I worked but will be lazying around again :P

I made a new skype~ wieee~ because I can't open my old one .__.
But that's okay fresh new start ♥
I'm just adding the people I usually talk to unlike before I have 100 contacts and talk to less than half of them. And I have less group chats now which is easier :D

SCHOOL have been nothing but boring and troublesome. I'm a freshman in college sooo I have like zero friends .__. I hang out with 4 people but rarely talk since I'm wayyy different than them ;A; I miss my high school friends AND SCHOOL'S BEEN GIVING US TONS OF HOMEWORK. SHI-
I hate school D: You know how difficult to stare blankly for 6 hours!?!

On to the topic lmao
OAO one month with suvi ♥ last 2oth woot~ican'tbelievehesurvivedlol

yeah that's on loop in my mp3 ;D

anyways...that's all for now seeyouguysnextmonthlol