Pet forest

Okay I have been busy with school a lot ;U; Good thing midterms are done ♥
I can now relax a bit.
SO some updates~
let's see... OAO Yesterday was so omega fun!
Went to the mall with haru, kanis, silver, suroy, ritz, and pat >w<
Played arcade all day (OH YEAHHHH I WANNA PLAY DDR AGAIN WITH HARU ♥ SO FUN ;w; it burned some fats) Ate lunch and dinner there. Uhuhuhu I can't believed I survived without money..not really in my plans that day OTL

Next.. I joined the chorus battle thingy >w< yessu~ With c-chan♥ , kuro, aki-nii, yuzu[master zuzu], mikura and play Hope we can make at least 2 rounds... and we still haven't decided on the song yet ;D yeah we be awesome

Last~ I am now playing Pet Forest >w< Influenced by my rl friend pat ^^b



(the three of us look alike XD I'm pocky-tan..c-chan is crescence and pat is lethalcore XD she's the highest level among us since we just started today...My level is 10 woot~I'm a priestess btw ;D)

AHhh that's all nth much to say ♥ see ya guys soon