I have been very busy ovo;;

Hey there world /o/
I haven't been online for a few weeks now.
> PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES (addicting.)

yes... and finals are coming so I'm going to be extra busy so I'd be totally out of my internet world hurhur. Leaving some group convo in skype for a while (since I'd be lagging too much when I go on) And then.... I'm planning to study in Singapore hurhur. My friend showed me this scholarship thingy and thought I should try it (my mom approved =v=b) so I might be studying this holiday coming instead of skyping all day LOL

moving on....

UGH I hate here at home. 24/7 my mom would scold me even the littlest thing >A<;; (the other day she scolded me why I didn't closed my cabinet she was like "Why didn't you closed your cabinet. Can't you do it? Are you that lazy blahblahblah) telling me how lazy and useless I am... which is tiring hearing it over and over and over again orz and also my half sister (we have different dads) is staying here she brought us korean stuff hurhur *___* dvds and food~ Korean movies are *___* and another reason I'm barely online.... XD Watching all the movies and series and then the food XD IS SPICY. everything is ;A;

Korean cheetos *__* it's spicy XD

chocolate *__* not spicy duh. -shot-

SPAM *__* I love spam. It's not spicy

the rest were noodles and etc...

I'm also working on a gift for teh october babies so many of you guysss ;A; so imma make an all in one package 8D

hurhur. I listened to Golden Time lover for a few times then thought of trying to sing it in one shot with haru's XD HAHA I sound fugleh 8D

My fugleh Golden Time Lover

and then.. we didn't get to enter the chorus battle due to some problems. So i'm supporting my friends 8DDD I'm aiming for you guys! banana kurimu, bloody chapter and vocamania /o/ Tho I wish i can vote for more ;A;

If ya want to listen to ours click here c-chan did an epic mixing tho the animation is not done yet? hurhur 8D And play is so smexy hnggghhh >///<

SO that's all for now see ya guys soon :>