I have no life

What do I do everyday?
Go online for 16 hrs .-. SRSLY I need a hobby >A<;;

Anyways. Today is lucky. I just really need to think positive everyday *__*)b
Everything will be okay 8'D Think posi-- shi- JKJK

Yes I'm optimistic o u o

everyone's doing matryoshka pic.. should I? (I only have waterproof eyeliner >A<)
Maybe I should use a marker? -shot- hahaha

So far I really like my grades for the first sem. My lowest is Psychology :'D (figures my first subject...always absent or late) And also considering I was laid back for the first sem but this time I'm frickin serious *rolls up sleeves* 2nd sem here I come XD

I also quit singing.


-sho sho