I wonder if I could properly love you next time?

Oh yeah cheesy title FTW hahaha xD
It's from calc..the last line <3

tsugi wa chanto kimi wo aiseru ka na

I'm currently recording that song because kuro and I are planning on uploading our calc on the same day on Tkun's bday ♥ HER CALC IS JKHSJKAGSHA I'M SPEECHLESS. VERY BEAUTIFUL IT MADE ME CRY QAQ (somewhat..I can relate /shotdead)

Been busy/emo/whatever a lot hehehe.. pochi knows =w=b and ritz (well 50% ;D combine them then it's 100) a reason I wanna go on hiatus /o/ woohoo

anywoots, last dec 18th we had an enis meet up again at toycon ♥♥ FF it was fun nth much on the con but on the food court 8D OHYEAHBBY
CHER WAS SO AMAZINGGGG and and KENTA GAVE US CHOCOLATES and then APOL TREATED ME AND RITZ FROYO (thank you ;w;) <333 which is why my teeth hurts bad right now ;A; and SAKU WAS THERE TOO! WHICH WE HAVEN'T SEEN ON SKYPE LATELY...I'd post pics but I'm too lazy please shoot me xD

moving on.... having father/daughter moment with chi <3333 and she showed me another side of her ;A; I LOVE YOU POCHI <3333 I'M HERE FOREVER FOR YOU ♥ MYDAUGHTER♥

then christmas is a few days away :3 the Enis haz special surprise for ya guys ;D

sjahskahgskas ohyeah bai ~ back to recording /o/


I miss you a lot heh~! ♥