>w< I dunno what to write about really OTL

O_O what am I doing here?
I dunno to. Haru-chan told me to make one and the gullible me made one =w="

Anyways, today is awful. REALLY. I went to uni for my registration form and it was like hell D: I woke up at 5:30am and left the friggin house at 6 and arrived there at 8am. I only have 4 hours of sleep ;w; and I had to wake up that early D< [no complete sleep yet OTL] for a loooooooooooong line. I MEAN LONG. The line reached up to the 6th floor [i was at 4th floor] Then after that friggin long line we have to go to the parking lot to get our registration certificate D: IT TOOK ME 4 HOURS TO GET MY FRIGGIN' SCHEDULE! AND MY LAST NAME WAS WRONG. I have to fix that when the first class starts OTL...

No more ranting.

After that I went to buy drinks =w= yummy cappuccino and apple shake

More RANT D:

My sister and brother are annoying me .___.
My mom is scolding me
And I think i ate a rotten food

That's all for now. HOW LAME DO I BLOG? -shot-




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not lame at all ~ =w= v

*w* shock's first day @ blogging seems makes it more interesting *A* and the bloggie ish just shooo cute~>w<

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Hi shosho! >w< -intrudes in-

Is appleshake good....? O_O

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