back to school orz

Today class is back :\
But we don't have classes during wednesday DD: stupid school I have to go there just to pick up my registration card....
money wasted....
just to get a stupid paper...

I don't wanna see them again :I
If I did I would make new friends there now ...
hanging out with them is not so fun D:

Moving on ~/o/
After going to my uni I will visit Pat's place \ o / again~ but before that go to the mall with jajamon and pats (I hang out with them a lot this holidays XD)then go watching animes at pat's place

o v o

As you may all know I quit singing and have a new acct:pockytalky /o/ yessu
But I'll still be finish all my duets~ (so many ;w;) and maybe join group dubs/choruses /o/ just no more solo dubs and duets ;A;

Right now I'm learning Matryoshka with Haru's duet ready o v o but not uploading it on yt |o| because it sounds suckish ... >w<;; I just really like that song okay -shot-

Today's mary's bday ;A; I have no gift I'm so sorry I love you so much LALA ;~;
then... my final solo dub will be uploaded on my bday *^* speaking of my bday .... buy me shounenT and soraru's album? PLEASE? will love you forever ♥ pffft.. 21 more days to go and I'm on the old people bracket TTATT

I lost a bet with Yuuri ;A: I don't know what she wants me to do yet..hopefully nth drastic......

--I'm also happy my family are planning to move house again. I'm not fond of the neighborhood here *u* and I suggested we move near jajamon or pat or ritz's place mwahahahaha :> *prays*

that's all laters ovo// ^ messy blog XD


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