Sudden urge to blog O A O

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YOSH~! New blog entry ^^ after a month...(monthly blog :P)
So I'm here again to tell you stuff about blah blah blah boring me XD

Hmmm let's see....
Well school is still school..I even hate it more now 8D ...since the activity we did at HR(Human Relations) We had a letter and pass it around our group and have to write something about that person, here's the catch, we can only write negative stuffs about them..our negative first impression. And this totally saddens me. Most of them wrote that I'm snobbish :\ yeah... THANKS GUYS. Okay fudge. Maybe I am. I don't talk too much..Okay maybe don't even talk at all. And I never bother to greet them and make friends with them. I'm sorry OTL I don't really talk a lot and I'm a shy person. LOL. But yeah If you're loud when you talk to me... I'll try to be loud XD There are only certain people I'm loud to<3

(ahh~n tmr is PE again 2 more wins *w* I just love PE the only subj I love for now =w=b basketball *O* not that I'm crushing on the student teacher or anything :\)

Next: I've been working on my duet with Yoru(it's been like 2 months on hold?) Believe me I redid this so many times ;A; And whenever I felt like finishing it my mic dies on me :I OTL so far I've done my verse and the chorus Now all is left is the hooo~~ XD
*A* ahh~n I wanna finish it now so we could move on to our next duet Juvenile *w*

Here's A preview. Short Preview.... XD I haven't mixed it properly yet XD but yeah =w=
Long Distance love - Preview.mp3

And I wanna give a shout out to bunch of people I love <3
Who made me smile before and after school ^^.. school really piss/stre
ss me off
c-chan~ I'll be your rin forever Ily ♥
my loli daughter chi ^^
Enis peepz >w< I love you guys so much ;A;

O A O I miss someone :\ but afraid you don't feel the same ^^;;

*I should change my layout to rin : D hehehehe*


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"O A O I miss someone :\ but afraid you don't feel the same ^^;; "
aaww DD:

guuh i dont want to leave too ; A ; you guys are pretty awesuum. i'll miss our meet ups xD

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