Pat's Place (:

Hey I'm blogging for a change (:

Okay -- yesterday I went to Pat's place
It was Omega fun I tell youuuuu -shot-
So what happened were at first we met up at Nova Square (hell yes I was not late ^.^)
I was the first one that came then I saw Stephanie wandering around with a guitar on her back and a volleyball LOL she didn't noticed me or ...
didn't recognized me since it's been months since we've last seen each other hehe ^^"
So after that we hugged each other and jumped like fools we are XD then a few minutes we saw Pat hehe.... we chatted for a while then went to 7-eleven to cool off since it was so hot outside (2pm) again we chatted for a bit.
A few minutes later we went inside the mall to look for guitar strings but we couldn't find one.
We also called Clarissa in a pay phone and uhhh invited her too and chatted a bit (like laughing out loud) after that we decided to buy pizza afterwards (take-out) then went to Mercury Drugs to buy chips (I bought lots of spicy chips, Stephanie got mad cuz she doesn't like spicy haha!) and cup noodles! After buying those we now proceeded to Pat's house /o/ Once we got there we pumped the volleyball since it was running out of air D: It was friggin tiring pumping that ball but we took turns (: After pumping (LOL) we ate pizza before it got cold and chatted and gossiped a bit again.... THEN CLARISSA ARRIVED |o| and we gave her a slice of pizza XD and then we chatted and gossiped again (yes we chat and gossip a lot =w=) few minutes later we went to the park to play volleyball though I didn't play since I suck at sports. I was just eating mah chips and took pics for them (: again after that we chatted and gossiped at the park hohoho~ then went to pat's place again to watch their senior prom (pat, steph and I didn't attend the prom) we laughed at the people who failed to impress because we're ruthless. Then we had tons of fun and went online for a bit and took group pics and went home ^.^

It's been so long since I hang out with them (: too bad Janella wasn't there ;A; stoopid tourism convention. OHO~ I wanna hang out with them again. When I come back again XD

I'll be on hiatus for a few days again. I'm coming back BBY 8D
superfast net here I come |o| Don't worry I'll finish all of my choruses (:

*oh ~! might be uploading a song this month and 3 duets ^^ since I've been stucked with them since summer XD;;*

That's all ~ SEE YA'LL :-*


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chitchats OAO They're fun =v=b

I'm still curious how can you eat pizza + chips + instant noodles in a day... orz -cough-sorethroat-cough-

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Junk food FTW? LOL

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