I'm back :D

So yeah Holidays for me :D
First semester is over (wonder if I passed ;__;)

So I won't be online that much this first week since I'll be going out (to friend's house and such 8D)

I got to chat with meh lovely daughter pronch ♥

[8:26:34 PM] Pronch: YOU FUCKING BEETCH >:C
[8:26:37 PM] Pronch: I HATE YOU.

Very lovely right :D
XD she was jealous it was holidays for me nothing serious.

I got to have se-- I mean chat with my waifu again <3

[10/16/2010 11:08:32 PM] Kureshi's Lover 8D: french fries |3
[10/16/2010 11:08:40 PM | Edited 11:08:44 PM] Kureshi's Lover 8D: did it came from france OAO
[10/16/2010 11:12:52 PM] Crescence(クレシ): ......... o_o
[10/16/2010 11:13:04 PM] Kureshi's Lover 8D: teh french fries OAO
[10/16/2010 11:13:05 PM] Crescence(クレシ): no wonder it's thin and long


Currently recording for Ritz's bday <3 hurhur thank you aporu for the instrumental *__*)b and then the next day will be my loli musume's bday (chi/ruriko) no worries I've already recorded her gift X3b

so.. I need to get back recording now ^w^)/ see ya~

love ya guys :*



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Ohgod. Why did you show what am I saying on Sukaipu? I'm trying to act innocent in front of everyone but you ... you .... YOU BEETCH >:U /cries.
*cough* Anyways, french fries are so yummy~ :3
I so damn love stalking |uo)

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HAHAHAHA.. ♥ I just wanted to show them how much you love me ;U;
huhu ILY bastard >:D
pro stalker is pro :D

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hhnnggg. >:I You are so mean. /cries. ( *Notice : Pronch is trying to act all cute but yea... that's hard for her. )
I only love my husband, sorry. /head shot. I was joking ouò
I like being a stalker but that's quite hard though. > <

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YOU ARE CUTE D< You don't have to act like one o u o
;A; TELL ME YOU LOVE MEEEHHHH and maybe a hug ? -shot-

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